"It's all about the song ..."

The Nile Delta Buskers; an eclectic mix of road-travelled musicians, each of them bringing their own diverse influences and musicianship to the table.

The end result, a band whose sum is greater than its individual parts, a live set delivered with passion, feel, dynamics and incredible musical interaction.

Songs carefully chosen that unravel in front of you, revealing their roots yet maintaining an undeniable freshness and appeal. A musical journey filled with intimacy, intrigue and intensity.

And at the front of the stage, relaxed, into the groove, is the guy
who gives voice to the whole thing. Craig, a vocalist with an incredibly soulful range, brings his own unique gift and musicianship to the band.

It would be too easy to deliver a set full of proven crowd pleasers and perhaps the odd filler - there's plenty to choose from. But there are a lot of good bands around playing very well known 'floor fillers', and we've never really wanted to be another.

However if you want to immerse yourself in a musical experience that you will still be thinking about days after the gig, then come on in, we are one and the same.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this all sounds a bit pretentious. A
band's got to sell itself, right? In truth it's very difficult to hide the
passion and enthusiasm we all feel about this band. Rehearsals end with talk of the 'feel of the moment' and a shared enjoyment of the musical journey we've just been through.

There is no sell ... and we won't be for everyone, but if you come along and you dig it, then you'll really dig it.

"It's all about the song ..."



Craig Blencowe



Bruce Hartley



Andy Parkinson



Tom Lord



Nige Thompson



Giles Minkley